Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Yay~ time really does fly by so fast. I didn't even notice that its December already. And today, I'm celebrating my nth birthday! Haha, how's that? Yeah, I censored the age because I don't feel like bragging about my age.

Nothing happened today, as expected. I slept late in the morning because I was watching the Kdrama titled Perfect Match. There I was, crying in the middle of dawn because of some drama. I fell asleep after the 15th episode, and I already finished watching the whole drama series.

Even though its my birthday, I don't feel like celebrating it. I don't even feel a slight feeling of happiness but I'm not going to show it specially because my mother cooked spaghetti for me. I super love spag I could just die eating it ;)

Anyways, the night is still young. I'm just hoping that something will happen to make me happy today. But if it doesn't, then I guess its destiny. What will happen will happen if its God's will.

So there it goes, my not so happy but its okay birthday :) I still don't know what to do tonight, but I'm thinking of buying one bottle of Tanduay Ice and get drunk on my room.  I'm not a drunkard but tonight I feel like drinking, so I'm gonna do it.

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