Monday, December 13, 2010

Review - Nichido 2in1 Mascara and Lengthening

Last Saturday my mother and I bought a new Mascara. The product says its 2 in 1 because it also acts as a lengthening. I have no idea how it would work since I have only been starting to get interested and hooked to makeup months ago. So today Im going to write a review about the product and show the results.

 This is the 2in1 Mascara and Lengthening. The black portion is for the lengthening and the white one is for the mascara. The Mascara portion says with PRO VIT B5. I have to find out what that meant.

 The Mascara

For lengthening of the eye lashes.

So I tried both ends of the products and this was what I got. Forgive me for the mess and the looks. I do not know how to put make up on because I have never done it in my life, but I am trying. I've been browsing sites and youtube videos to learn how ;P 

Bottom Line:
I super love the product. Although Im not an expert on this field but I can say that it absolutely worked for me. The lengthening really does lengthen my lashes and I love it. For the Mascara, its white in color perhaps because of the Pro Vit. Overall, I'd say this is a very good product and I will recommend this to everyone.


  1.  It's white because it's supposed to be a base. Use it as base, wait for it to dry then apply the black over it. :) Haven't tried this product before but thanks for sharing your thoughtsa on this! :)

    Anna Luisa

  2. magkano po ang product na yan?