Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Purple Wired Ring

My family and I went to a mall today to have lunch. We ate at a Resto called Tsiboom and I swear they have one of the best Dinuguan ever! I ordered pork belly as usual because that's one of my faves and I must say I was very full and satisfied. After eating we went to stroll around ParkMall to look at things here and there. I was heading out to the bazaar like section to check out the stalls and look what I found :D

Sorry for the flash! Its a wired ring btw :) I bought it for less than $1 only. Although the purple color is starting to wear out at the back of the ring, I don't mind. It took me ages to find something like this and I wouldn't let go of this chance. Its my first ring btw, ever since I got so hooked up to fashion and Chictopia.

Here are more photos of my purchase. It may not be that much but for me its a treasure. Haven't worn it yet for an event but I will soon find a way to wear it :)

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