Saturday, December 4, 2010

Camera Ring

I have been looking around the internet and searching for online shops that sell vintage rings. I have been wanting to own my very first pair but to no avail. I can't find anything that I want, till I saw this pretty chic ring on Chictopia today.
When I first saw this online, I knew it is the one that I want to have. This adorable camera ring is a chic reward from Chictopia and will be available for redemption in 6 days! This is from Crossroadstrading, and they are giving it for only 900 chic points. Very affordable right? Im already down with 700 chic points right now and I could still make it to 900 chic points in due time for redemption. Gaaaaah I really really want this! I wish Crossroadstrading will give me one for free :D

This one is a size 7/8 and I don't know what size I am, but never mind the sizing, as long as I will have this.

For more information about this Chic Reward from Crossroadstrading and Chictopia, visit HERE.

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