Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

I am so broke, so I'm not sure as to how I'm gonna be able to have these stuffs :( Anyway, I will still post them. Who knows? Santa could be reading this and grant my wishes :D

  1. A brand new laptop (any model will do, as long as its brand new and its MINE.)
  2. A brand new cellphone, preferable a QWERTY Phone like Blackberry. Although I also want to try touch screens, but I'm not sure what model. Maybe an iPhone or something from LG or Samsung. Whatever it is, I want it to have a good camera and music because that's all that I'm after, aside from the call and text feature.
  3. A camera that is mine. I wouldn't ask for any high end model, I will be happy with a digital camera as long as it captures good quality photographs.
  4. I want more accessories, specifically vintage rings and necklaces.
  5. I want to have new shoes like rubber shoes, high heeled shoes, boots and flats.
  6. More clothes please! I badly need new ones specially jeans because the ones I have are starting to grow bigger, at least for my size. I don't know why they don't fit me. I thought clothes were supposed to shrink? Haha
  7. A pink guitar! I'm no guitarist and I've never tried playing in my whole life but the moment I get a guitar, I'll start practicing right away.
  8. I want a pink scooter. Hahaha again, I haven't tried driving yet but I'm gonna start driving lessons the moment I get a scooter.
  9. A new bed. I am in need of a new place to sleep so please give me one. I want it to be pink too!
and lastly.. I want HIM. Yes, him and no one else. I wouldn't mind not getting any of the ones listed above, for as long as I have him, I will be happy and contented. So please?

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