Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Feet

Today my Chucks will be a year old already. I bought it last year at SM when Converse had their year end mega sale! Talk about discounts haha. I wore it for like 6 months I think because on July of this year, I bought another pair of shoes. Thats the one I have been wearing until now. Im gonna post photos of my shoes and the rest of my foot wears. There's not much since I dont go out a lot.

This is the converse shoes I bought at the Converse year end sale. As far as I can remember, this is the first shoes I bought using my own money. Well not really my own because my parents gave me most of the amount but hey I had to work for that amount too so its still my own money :D Like I said, I have been wearing this and only this for months without even washing it so it looks dirty but I don't mind. The dirtier the better, that's how I like it :P

This was my second pair of shoes and I bought it using my very own money, purely mine. Haha I had to work hard to earn money. I even sold some of my old clothes online since I can't find any freelance job at that time. This was not on sale and the price tag totally killed me but its worth it. I totally love this shoes and its my favorite! Yay its also dirty because I've been wearing this since July and haven't washed it ;P I love to pair this with skinny jeans and tees, it makes me more comfortable walking. I even changed the shoe lace into purple to match the design of the shoes.

This is a recent purchase, I think I bought this a few weeks ago only. I had no intention to rush into buying a pair of flat shoes even though I've been craving for one, but since I will be using it for school purposes that's why I had to buy anything immediately. So I ended up with this. There was supposed to be a ribbon on front but I removed it coz I want to replace it with something else. I have worn this twice or thrice I think and I am starting to love it. I'm still gathering up ideas as to how I'm gonna wear this because I don't plan to pair this with skinny jeans. I'm thinking about short shorts and stockings and tights :D

I bought this during the time when gladiators were so popular. I have not worn this yet and I cant even figure out why I bought it in the first place. Maybe because I fell in love with its cute criss cross design, or maybe because of the popularity of gladiators at that time. Whatever it is, this one cost me quite an amount too but there’s no room for regret. I’ll just have to live with these and think of ways to use this.

And that's it! I only have 4 pairs so far, plus a havaianas. I do not have any plans to buy another pair yet since I don't know what I want. I have been thinking about DC Shoes but I know they cost too much and I cant afford to pay that much amount for a single pair of shoes so I'm gonna forget that idea :)

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